You will be surprised, but there are a lot of countries all around the world that offer foreign applicants a unique chance to acquire either resident status or second citizenship. The complexity of the process depends on the way of getting your second passport, either by naturalization or investment.

As soon as you acquire a second citizenship, you become a global citizen and get access to many benefits provided by either your country of origin or your alternative place of living, studying, or doing business. What are the main benefits of second citizenship? Continue to read the detailed guide to pick up the most convenient and affordable country for your second citizenship and start enjoying a more comfy life.

What Is Second Citizenship Programs?

Second citizenship is simple when a person obtains citizenship in a country of his/her choice without losing the first citizenship. You can be an official citizen of two countries and hold two passports simultaneously. Before you start the process, it is necessary to check the immigration law of the respective country. The final decision will depend on the national regulations.

If you plan to build a life in a new country with your whole family, you have to consider this point from the beginning. There are countries which permit single citizenship only. You need to target the countries that recognize second citizenship. Every country has a specific set of rules regarding the matter of double citizenship. It is advisable to do in-depth research regarding a particular country of your interest, consult specialists, and make the final decision.

The Main Benefits of Getting a Second Citizenship for Whole Family

How to Get Second Citizenship by Investment for Whole Family


It is wrong to think that as soon as you have multiple citizenship you will not have to pay taxes. It gives you the freedom to live in a country where the tax system is more optimized and flexible. Some countries offer unique opportunities to live low-tax or completely tax-free as soon as you obtain a second passport.


When the individual has second citizenship through property investment, it permits the whole family to travel freely to a wider list of accessible countries. It is an investment in your future and peace of mind. If you want to invest in the future of your children, dual citizenship will grant them the entire freedom to study, live, travel, and work there.


During your life, many things may change. When you obtain citizenship is the guarantee have a safe harbor. It is your chance to start life from zero and embrace a lot of new opportunities. You can move to a new country as soon as you have obtained second passport by investment. If you do not want to be left stranded when you have to leave your homeland, it is a nice “Plan B” to consider.


We live in the world of increased global mobility. If you have two citizenship and passports, you are more secure while traveling. It can save your life during times of war, terrorism, and many other risky situations. Personal/family security is one of the main reasons why rich people, diplomates, and celebrities have alternative passports in their respective countries. It is simply the best life insurance you can invest your money in for your peace of mind.


We live in a risky, unstable, and ever-changing world. When you start considering the options on how to acquire a second citizenship programs, you make one of the wisest decisions in your life. Second citizenship by investment will protect you and your whole family in the future. Once you choose a country for your second citizenship, you have the right to include your spouse and children in the application process. Many countries allow their citizens to have double citizenship, so they do not have to give up their present nationality. Make sure you check all the laws of your current country before acquiring 2nd citizenship in a foreign country.

Possible Ways To Get a Second Citizenship?

How to Get Second Citizenship by Investment for Whole Family

Many people wonder if they can purchase their 2nd citizenship. In reality, things are more complex, as you have to earn the right to become a citizen in a foreign country. There are a lot of objectives and circumstances to consider. In most cases, people get a second passport in the following common ways:

  • Birth: if a person is conceived in a country, which can reward a passport and get double citizenship, it is your right by birth.
  • Naturalization: an individual must fulfill the main requirements of the government in order to get citizenship. The process can be complicated and long, as you have to start with a temporary residence, then a permanent one, and finally obtain a 2nd citizenship.
  • Marriage: many international couples use this option for obtaining double citizenship. It is allowed to get married to a citizen of a foreign country. You have the legal right to get a second passport. Make sure that the country of your choice permits this way of obtaining 2nd citizenship.
  • Descent: an individual has the legal right to get a 2nd citizenship if your family members have the same country’s blood. If you have children, they have the right to get the same citizenship as their parents, even regardless of the country in, which they were born.
  • Citizenship by investment programs: it is the most secure option to obtain a second passport is by investment programs. Such citizenship programs are commonly called economic citizenship or passport by investment. You can find many foreign countries that offer such schemes to foreigners and their entire families. It is a secure and 100% legal way to draw your family into their economic and educational system.

If you are a qualified individual, you will obtain a passport via investment citizenship programs, as it is the most popular route to obtain a second citizenship. You just need to follow the specific set of regulations in the country of your choice.

Which Countries Offer Citizenship by Investment Programs?

How to Get Second Citizenship by Investment for Whole Family
  • Lifetime citizenship and a new passport for the whole family.
  • Visa-free access to Europe, the UK, China, and 150+ countries.
  • 10-year visas to the USA and Canada, and online visas to Australia.
  • Zero tax jurisdictions: no capital gains tax, no worldwide income tax, no inheritance or wealth tax.
  • Investment in 5-star branded resorts and guaranteed buy-back investments.

Processing time to obtain Caribbean citizenship by investment is quick and lasts approximately 3-6 months.

Let’s see each country separately in detail for you to make the right choice.

Saint Kitts and Nevis – Citizenship by Investment
  • The procedure is 100% confidential.
  • Visa-free entry to 150+ countries.
  • No residency requirement.
  • The 1st citizenship-by-investment program in the world. It was established in 1984.
  • Statistically, the most successful program.
Antigua and Barbuda – Citizenship by Investment
  • The procedure of economic citizenship is 100% confidential.
  • Visa-free entry to 150+ countries (including the Europe Union member states, the United Kingdom, Singapore, etc.).
  • Applicants must visit the country for at least five days in the first five years.
Dominica – Citizenship by Investment
  • The procedure of economic citizenship is 100% confidential.
  • Visa-free entry to 150+ countries (including the Europe Union member states, the United Kingdom, etc.).
  • No residency requirements.
Saint Lucia – Citizenship by Investment
  • The procedure is 100% confidential.
  • Visa-free entry to 145+ countries (including the Europe Union member states, the United Kingdom, etc.).
  • No residency requirements.
  • Confidentiality
  • Visa-free entry to Hong Kong, Japan, and 100+ countries.
  • Multiple Entry Schengen Visa for 5 years.
  • Access to the E-2 Investor Visa (USA).
  • Ability to open a bank account.

Processing time is approximately 6 months.

Alternative Ways To Get a Second Residence or Long-Term Visa

How to Get Second Citizenship by Investment for Whole Family

(Portugal, Greece, Spain – Golden Visa; Cyprus, Malta – Permanent Residence)

  • Whole family relocation to the Europe Union.
  • Right to live/work/do business in the Europe Union.
  • Access to the top Europe Union educational system.
  • Pathway to European citizenship.
  • Access to the European financial/banking system.
  • Tax-friendly jurisdictions and tax holiday opportunities.
  • Lucrative and prestigious Real Estate investments. 

Applicants can expect to obtain a quick residence permit in Europe within 2-6 months.

Thailand – Investment Visa
  • Possibility of budget diversification.
  • Right to obtain a residence permit in Thailand (after 3 years of residence).
  • Opportunity to apply for Thai citizenship after 10 years.
  • Children born in Thailand can apply for citizenship.
  • No need to prove the origin of funds.

Applicants can expect to obtain a quick residence permit in Thailand within 6 months.

Panama – Residence Permit
  • Possibility of permanent residence in Panama without restrictions.
  • No residence requirements.
  • Permanent residency after 5 years of continuous residence with a residence permit.
  • Possibility of organizing the entire process in a single visit for 2-4 weeks.

Applicants can expect to obtain a quick residence permit in Panama within 3-4 months.

Australia – Residence by Investment
  • Ability to work/study/live in Australia.
  • One Of the highest standards of living in the world.
  • Multicultural population.
  • Economic/political/social stability.
  • Possibility to apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years of permanent residence.

Applicants can expect to obtain a quick residence permit in Australia within 12 months.

New Zealand- Residence by Investment
  • High standards of living.
  • Multicultural population.
  • Low population density.
  • Political/social/economic stability.
  • Solid legal system based on English law.
  • Strong tax treaty network with a large number of counterparties.
  • Possibility to apply for New Zealand citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence. 

Applicants can expect to obtain a quick residence permit in New Zealand within 5-6 months.

United States – EB-5/E-2 Visa
  • Right to work/live/study in the USA.
  • Quick relocation to the USA with no waiting time.
  • Excellent education facilities.
  • Straightforward and efficient investments.
  • Opportunity to run your own business.
  • Pathway to citizenship for the whole family.
  • Outstanding quality of life.
  • American dream for the investor’s family and future generations.

Applicants can expect to relocate to the USA within 2.5 years.

Canada – Start-Up Visa
  • No minimum investment requirement.
  • Business/entrepreneur-friendly environment.
  • Ready-to-go investment solution with guaranteed start-up visa approval.
  • Family relocation to one of the most prosperous countries in the world.
  • Great education and healthcare facilities.
  • Pathway to Canada citizenship.

Applicants can expect to obtain fast processing and relocation to Canada within 2-3 months.

UAE – Residence by Investment
  • One of the most business-friendly jurisdictions in the world.
  • Minimal corporate tax.
  • No personal income tax. 
  • Opportunity to open a bank account in the UAE.
  • English-speaking country.
  • International schools, branches of world-class universities.
  • World-class health care standards.

Applicants can expect fast obtaining citizenship and relocation to the UAE within 1-2 months.

If global citizens are interested in Real Estate Investments in the UAE, they should consider the cities as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Ras Al Khaimah. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Residential real estate and branded hotel investment.
  • Luxurious properties in the most demanded locations.
  • Lucrative and liquid investments.
  • Guaranteed ROI solutions.
  • Capital gains.
  • Crypto-friendly offers.
  • Payment by investment
Austria – Residence by Investment
  • Dynamic economic growth in comparison to other countries in the Europe Union.
  • Low prices for real estate objects.
  • Stable growth of the real estate prices.
  • Vienna is the sixth most populous city in the Europe Union.
  • The capital is one of the fastest-growing cities after Berlin.
  • Residential real estate doubled in price over the last 10 years.
Germany – Real Estate Investment 
  • Germany is Europe’s economic leader.
  • 55% of the German population lives in rented real estate.
  • Stable increase in rental cost in selected locations.
  • The loan to value is 70-75%.
  • Investor’s ROI is 8-10% per annum in euros.
  • The investment portfolio is formed by purchasing houses individually or in a package.
The United Kingdom – Real Estate Investment

(London, Liverpool, Manchester)

  • One of the most demanded markets for real estate investors.
  • Student accommodation serviced apartments.
  • 4-10% ROI.
  • Potential growth in property value +5-9% per year.
  • English law.
  • Tax planning opportunities.
  • 999 years leasehold.


Programs “Citizenship by Investment ” have become very popular because they provide families with the unique privilege of obtaining a 2nd citizenship with many advantages. The biggest motivator to get a second passport is to have a chance to travel more freely to many different destinations. You can settle in another country where the conditions for doing business, studying, or living are considered better and more flexible in terms of taxes. We have described the most secure options for you to make the right choice. It is a unique opportunity for a wealthy individual to pursue attractive citizenship options and embrace unimagined opportunities.


    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
    How can an individual obtain a second citizenship?

    The final result of obtaining a 2nd citizenship will depend on your particular situation and many objectives. The most common ways to get a second passport are the following: Citizenship by Investment Programs, naturalization, descent, and marriage.

    What way to obtain a 2nd citizenship is considered the easiest?

    The most straightforward way of obtaining a 2nd citizenship is to be born in the respective country, which can grant you and your whole family citizenship. However, not everybody has this chance. There is another safe and easy way to get a 2nd citizenship is through investment programs in Caribbean countries or Turkey.

    What is the definition of “citizenship by investment”?

    It is a well-organized government scheme, which aims to provide foreign applicants with full citizenship rights in the country of their choice. It happens in exchange for a sufficient financial investment. You will not find a more efficient and quick way to get your 2nd passport.

    What countries offer options for getting 2nd citizenship?

    The best options are Caribbean countries and Turkey. They offer excellent citizenship through investment programs and the process happens pretty fast compared to other countries.

    What do we call double citizenship?

    Dual citizenship is when you hold official citizenship in two different countries. It is possible to get a second passport depending on the country of your choice, its immigration law, and internal/external agreements with other nations.